Local tools

Nvu is a free, open source software program that allows you to build websites and web pages. Nvu makes creating web pages as easy as using a word processor and rivals such programs as Adobe's Dreamweaver and Microsoft's Expression Web, only for free!






If you want to setup or change your personal web page on ENCS server, you can get the template from ECE site:

- Download a template from above list.
- Unzip it to a directory, such as '\My Documents\My Web\".
- Use your favorite editor, such as Microsoft word, Macromedia Dreamweaver , Adobe GoLive, Microsoft Frontpage to edit the files. Here I really recommend you try to use Nvu to manage your personal site, since this tool most likely has been installed with standard ENCS package. If you are using user-managed machine, you can download and install it easily. Here is a tutorial for how to use Nvu.
- Once you finish editing the files, you have to upload them to your web site. Usually the location is the drive 'w:'. You can simply copy and paste all the files to drive 'w:'. For more information about this drive, please refer to the ENCS Helpdesk website.

If you still need more help with your webpages, you can contact webmaster.


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