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The following information is an assessment of the available equipment in the undergraduate laboratories. An outline is provided of the laboratory development in the past three years based on acquisition of new equipment and improved use of existing facilities.

Since the previous accreditation, over $3 M has been spent on laboratory equipment in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department. With this financing, our undergraduate laboratories have been substantially upgraded and modernized, including the addition of new laboratories such as Programming Workstations, VLSI Workstations, Semiconductor Electronics and Optoelectronics, Nanotechnology, Distributed Systems and Networks, Video Processing, Microwave Engineering, Robotics, and M. Eng. Design. It is the goal of most laboratories to make use of posters to describe the background theory and general procedure for the lab to help introduce students to the lab and in their report preparation. A new initiative is recently completed in which videos and graphics are used (in Solid State Devices (ELEC 421), Design of Integrated Circuit Components (ELEC 422) and VLSI Process Technology (ELEC 424) to produce an on-line lab tutorial that students view anytime prior to coming to the lab. The tutorial will go over the essential components of the lab including theory, operating procedure and safety issues.


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