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  • IT help - Academic Information Technology Services(AITS ) is responsible for developing and distributing IT services to the Faculty.
  • Faculty expertise guide - Discover the specialized areas of our faculty.
  • Research Office - the management of internal funding programs, and the review of external research grant applications and contracts.

Research areas

ECE department's diverse research areas include Digital Electronics, Power Electronics, and Software Engineering etc, see our list.

Faculty members in research areas

Our faculty members are devoting themselves to the professional areas with their expertise.

Teaching labs

For decades, ECE has invested millions of dollars on the laboratory development. Now our teaching laboratories have been substantially upgraded and modernized. View our teaching labs.

Computing facilities

ECE has a number of dedicated servers and a variety of client systems. These facilities are the primary resources used by faculty members, support staff and students for undergraduate and graduate teaching, research and administrative tasks.


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