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The structure of this website has been edited and maintained by the ECE technical staff. All of the rolling content are stored in ECE web data-base and edited by administration staff.

Much of the content is drawn from official publications, such as the faculty calendars, viewbooks, student guides, etc. Administrative offices that have contributed content include Enrolment Services, the Office of the Registrar, the Office of Research, the Faculty of ENCS and School of Graduate Studies, the Office of Institutional Planning, University Archives, Counselling and Development, etc .


ECE site is based on the university unified template created by Concordia's Web Communications unit. The new design is coded in the HTML/CSS for the main university website. The new design was also used to create a template for the websites of academic departments, administrative units, official events, etc (e.g., see the Media Relations website). The code for the site and template adheres to XHTML and CSS web standards, and also includes a number of features for web accessibility.

Technical Support

The webmaster is providing technical support for server administration, as well as some database and web programming.


Unless otherwise noted, the photos that appear within the website are from the department activities and Concordia Image Bank, produced by IITS Creative Media Services.



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