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[Title]: Congratulations to Space Concordia

A CubeSat. A microsatellite, size of a shoebox 10 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters long, weighing under four kilograms. Simple and sturdy, made of aluminum, with spring steel for antenna. Yet, Concordia’s design proved to be most advanced and most mature. Its small format allows low-cost access to space, since it can be launched along with other loads on a rocket. It will orbit between 600 to 800 kilometers above Earth and will last at least a year. It will focus on the South Atlantic Anomaly, an area which is dangerous for the airplanes and causes electronic equipment to malfunction.

Congratulations to students, professors and staff, who won the first prize and contributed to this achievement!

  •  Dr. Scott Gleason, Faculty Advisor
  • Bill Pontikakis, Advisor
  • John Salik, Advisor
  • Justin Jean-Pierre, COEN
  • Alex Teodor Ionita, COEN
  • Siddhartha Kattoju, COEN
  • Shawn Stoute, COEN
  • Nicholas Sweet, COEN, Team Leader
  • Gregory Gibson, ELEC
  • Tyson Boer, ELEC
  • Chelsea Pomerontz, ELEC
  • Ivan Ivanov, MECH
  • Stefanos Dermenakis, MECH
  • Andrei Jones, MECH
  • Alex Potapov, MECH
  • Mehdi Sabzalian, MECH
  • Matthias Martineau, SOEN   
  • Robert Jakubowicz, COMP
  • Michelle Boyce, MASc
  • Giovanna Franco, MASc
  • Tiago Leao, Ph.D
  • Dr. Mojtaba Kahrizi
  • Dr. Sheldon Williamson
  • Dmitry Rozhdestvensky
  • Ted Obuchowicz
  • Dr. Robert Paknys

[Date]: 2012-10-03, [By]: tatyana

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