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[Title]: Magic Work recognized by Canadian Council of Chief Executives

Dear Colleagues,
I'd like to bring to your attention a research project called MAGIC that was lead by Dr. Khendek and included other researchers in our department and other departments (notably Drs. Hamou-lhadj and Dssouli).
The Canadian Council on Chief Executives published their 2012 annual report titled Innovation, Productivity, Prosperity. In this report the MAGIC project was mentioned as one of 15 examples of exemplary university - industry collaboration. If you goto this link, then click on the report, MAGIC is mentioned on page 13.

Recognition like this is important for our research efforts, and for the Department, Faculty and University. Congratulations to Dr. Khendek and collaborators on this recognition.


Dr. William E. Lynch, Chair of the department


[Date]: 2012-10-17, [By]: danli

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